Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Oracle WebLogic Server: A Solid Foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has sparked an IT revolution. Deploying coherent packages of software functionality as loosely coupled, coarse-grained services delivers dramatically improved application flexibility, allowing enterprises to continuously adapt constellations of services to keep IT capabilities aligned with business goals.
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Implements EJB 3.0 with Pitchfork
  • Deployment Descriptors Are Simplified
  • Support for Both JPA and JDO
By making it easier to write business services and their interfaces, Java EE 5 promotes a much-richer SOA ecology. Actually building up this ecology within enterprises requires keeping individual service instances and the broader SOA environment healthy. An API specification alone cannot meet this requirement. Enterprises need an industrial-grade implementation—one with the deployment, management, and robustness required of any mission-critical IT component.

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