Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Kensoft Enterprise SaaS - Qualified on OCI


Kensoft has designed and engineered their flagship application product to bring in the best of the enterprise grade functionality with born in the cloud services.

This is part of the Award Winning integrated software suite which is mature, configurable and has the policy engine and functionality to support every business function of an NBFC engaged in retail loans, business loans or corporate finance.

It is a cloud first solution offered with the highest scalability and reliability on the world's best Oracle Database engine on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!

Qualified SaaS product on the Oracle Cloud Platform - Learn more    


Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Integrated Lending Software Suite - Retail Loans, MSME Business Loans | Oracle Cloud


Kensoft’s Enterprise Loan management applications are qualified on the industry’s best Oracle technology subsystem and cloud platform. With programs and asset libraries developed on the world's best and most reliable Oracle Database and middleware platform, these solutions are highly scalable and comprehensive with an advanced DSS.

Our Loan management and integrated accounting software system for NBFCs & NBFC Startups empowers the organization to follow core workflow and policy rules built-in with our modules. We offer a knowledge base with our products and solutions through their production usage of over 15 years in large financial institutions.

To know more about our distinguished core application products recognized by Oracle, please visit → Kensoft - Oracle Partner Showcase