Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Enterprise Home Finance Software : Ken-HomeFinSys

Ken-HomeFinSys is a highly integrated & domain enriched software product for managing & monitoring all operational aspects of a Home Finance Company. Designed and developed on the best in class Oracle Web-tier architecture, Ken-HFS is a highly scalable enterprise application software with dynamic Decision Support Systems and an advanced rule based engine to define & enforce policies at various stages of a loan account through it's entire life cycle. 
Ken-HFS also reduces process complexity in a range of ways, including replacing inflexible, hard copy rules with sophisticated, automated credit policies, legal and technical appraisal checks and various other process checklists. Ken-HFS is cloud ready and can be deployed on the enterprise grid with integration with the Kenware suite of Cloud Applications including Ken-CRM & our customer interaction management systems.
To know more about Ken-HomeFinSys, please visit http://www.kensoftnet.com/kenhfs1.htm