Monday 4 September 2023

SSOT with KenCloud SaaS

Maintain a single source of truth with our cloud first SaaS solutions!

Break data silos while enabling multiple integrations with the backbone of a single core system on Oracle!

Our loan management system with advanced DSS has a distributed relational model which is highly scalable and reliable on the industry's best cloud platforms.


Thursday 19 May 2022

Digital Impact Radio - Innovation with Kensoft and Oracle

Innovation with Kensoft and Oracle - Unified Loan Lifecycle Management 

Oracle Kensoft Podcast

Featured Syndicated Podcast🎙with Oracle and Prime Partner Kensoft on accelerating Development, Customization & Iteration on OCI!

Digital Impact in the BFSI sector on Unified Loan Lifecycle Management with Kensoft's Award Winning enterprise software products.
Blending Kensoft and Oracle ingenuity with enterprise expertise to bring productive technology and solutions.

A deep dive into various aspects of our success journey for Banks & NBFCs with the Oracle Cloud platform broadcasted with Franco Ucci, Senior Director, Oracle - ANZ and Kumar CK, Director - Technology, Kensoft and Anshuman PS, Project Head - IT, Kensoft


Wednesday 28 April 2021

Kensoft Enterprise SaaS - Qualified on OCI


Kensoft has designed and engineered their flagship application product to bring in the best of the enterprise grade functionality with born in the cloud services.

This is part of the Award Winning integrated software suite which is mature, configurable and has the policy engine and functionality to support every business function of an NBFC engaged in retail loans, business loans or corporate finance.

It is a cloud first solution offered with the highest scalability and reliability on the world's best Oracle Database engine on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!

Qualified SaaS product on the Oracle Cloud Platform - Learn more    


Tuesday 23 February 2021

Integrated Lending Software Suite - Retail Loans, MSME Business Loans | Oracle Cloud


Kensoft’s Enterprise Loan management applications are qualified on the industry’s best Oracle technology subsystem and cloud platform. With programs and asset libraries developed on the world's best and most reliable Oracle Database and middleware platform, these solutions are highly scalable and comprehensive with an advanced DSS.

Our Loan management and integrated accounting software system for NBFCs & NBFC Startups empowers the organization to follow core workflow and policy rules built-in with our modules. We offer a knowledge base with our products and solutions through their production usage of over 15 years in large financial institutions.

To know more about our distinguished core application products recognized by Oracle, please visit → Kensoft - Oracle Partner Showcase

Friday 31 August 2018

RegTech integrated with Kensoft's enterprise lending application suite - Retail Lending | Corporate Finance | Microfinance

Kensoft has successfully implemented various aspects of regulatory technology by integrating online statutory reporting and multi-bureau APIs into all core modules of their Award Winning enterprise lending application suite! Kensoft’s FinTech products comprise of built-in regtech solutions with e-KYC integration, CIBIL statutory reporting, online NHB compliant reports, NACH modules with a mandate management system and many more. These application modules are engineered to work with our retail loans system, microfinance system & MSME business loans product.

Our highly specialized core library stack ensures that workflow integration is maintained with functional unification of our core lending engine. These applications and web services are aligned with the system's straight-through-processing in our flagship products of housing finance, corporate lending and microfinance. They have been developed on Oracle Fusion technology with SOA for web service invocations and integration.

Kensoft - ProcessGate: Integrated Lending Application Suite

For instance, our highly comprehensive housing finance software suite has a wide range of system generated reports that cater to monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual regulatory requirements of NHB (National Housing Bank). We also have CAR (Capital Adequacy Ratio) reporting built in with our loan management systems for catering to the requirements of other national regulators such as the Reserve Bank of India.

To learn more about digitization driven through our enterprise fintech applications, 


Friday 30 March 2018

Ken-HFS E.E : Integrated Housing Finance Software with PMAY - CLSS Product Suite

With our honourable Prime Minister's vision of housing for all in 2022, under the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) scheme. All eligible borrowers can avail interest subsidy on the purchase/construction/enhancement of a house.
Kensoft's enterprise housing finance software has a fully integrated suite of PMAY products with modules that are developed to manage & monitor all loan accounts in the system under the Credit Linked Subsidy scheme (CLSS). Our loan management and accounting engine is designed to handle cases under the EWS (Economical Weaker Section), LIG (Lower Income Group), MIG (Middle Income Group) categories defined in our PMAY product & scheme matrix.

This PMAY product suite has programs integrated with the Loan & Financial accounting engine of Ken-HomeFinSys which handles claim initiations for subsidy, eligibility of subsidy, pending status, and a refund framework with several other features.
Generation of NHB complaint statutory reports are also available online.

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Sunday 15 October 2017

Kensoft's Suite of FinTech Applications : Retail Loans

KenCloud Enterprise Lending Mobility Solutions

Our FinTech applications of this product suite are developed with the world's best, most secure and highly scalable Oracle database engines and are integrated with Kensoft's Award Winning loan management systems. KenCloud applications comprise of various modules covering the entire spectrum of the retail loans sector as well as corporate finance/business loans. Automation through our mobile applications would enable NBFCs and other FIs to reduce turnaround time with pro-active alerts and instant acknowledgement and resolution for their field operators and sales agents on the go!

KenCloud Mobililty Suite : DSS Console for Corporate KPI Analytics - Integrated with Kensoft's Enterprise Lending Suite

As seen above, an instance of our DSS Console is shown (as seen on a tablet) with advanced MIS for PEMI and EMI Collections with Corporate KPI details for each month as well as the entire fiscal year. This mobile loan management software is integrated with Kensoft's Enterprise Lending Suite and is designed for NBFCs, Banks & FIs operating in the retail lending, corporate finance and microfinance sector.