Monday, 29 July 2013

Today's intelligent Web Browser!

Nowadays, more and more business is done through a Web browser. The fact is, for many business users and consumers, the Web browser is by far the single most-used application on the PC. 
Kensoft Infotech's flagship financial software products are intuitive web-based online systems built on a state of the art weblogic architecture. While Ken-SOFTIL (Kensoft's Software for Industrial/Institutional Lending) and Ken-HFS  (Kensoft's Home Finance Software) work seamlessly with google chrome, firefox, opera & IE. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is one that is continously evolving. In IE 11, JavaScript runs 50 percent faster than in Chrome. It has improved support for HTML 5 features like drag and drop that will allow cloud-based tools like Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Office Web Apps to work more intuitively. IE 11 also supports WebGL for delivering smooth, 3D graphics over the Web.
There’s a new Web, though Web 1.0 was about simply displaying static HTML pages. Web 2.0 introduced interactivity, user-generated content, and Web applications. Now, we’re entering the Web 3.0 phase, the “intelligent Web” era of ubiquitous connectivity, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Video: CPDM- Computer Programming & Database Management

 In this video Don Youngpeter, program chair of the Computer Programming and Database          Management program defines the characteristics of CPDM that make it different from the other two   programming majors in the Computer Software Development Department. He also answers the question, "What is a database?"


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